The Hellfire Tank

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The Hellfire Tank

Pocket Dimension Studios
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"Master, giant two-wheeled death machines spewing pink missiles of hellfire and rage!"

Time to take matters into our own hands! Bring this two-wheeled, missile slinging, glass-cannon fortress to the tabletop and wreak absolute havoc on those chunky 6 legged mechs they call "tanks"!

Everything is split into pieces so that it should fit on the smallest of resin printers on the market!

Special care has been taken to make this visually fragile model, strong and robust for assembly! There are fragile parts, but it will not feel flimsy once solidly glued together!

Missile launchers are provided with a few options for printing ease and showing some missiles as already launched/empty! A couple different methods are provided for printing the largest pieces such as the wheels and side hubs.

All test print support structures are included, some additional files are included without pre-supports

It DOES seem to hold its balance when built without a base, but a mounting surface of some kind provides a strong anchor point for the model. For this reason, wheels as provided with pre-angled flats to ensure a strong bond at the proper angle!

****PLEASE SPECIAL NOTE****: This is an advanced 3D printed model kit! Parts such as the missile launchers can be very fragile, others may require custom supports to meet your needs/resin/printer, and while the model fits together very well, gluing the parts together requires finesse and patience! Please take your time and know that even just a little bit of prior hobbying experience will go along way towards a successful build :)

PLEASE NOTE: Resin printing is a near perfect process, but your parts still may require a little bit of sanding or putty to correct slight warping or other imperfections left from the printing process.


You Will Receive the Following Digital STL Files (inclusive of some additional pre-suported files):

  • The Hellfire Tank STL files (files used for test printing are pre-supported) inclusive of:
    • Main Hull (Front armor plates and undergun print separately, pre-hollowed hull provided)
    • Support struts
    • Missile Launchers (2 different methods of printing them)
    • Wheels (Top and bottom pieces, fully round and version with flat spot included, top wheel section provided whole and in two halves)
    • Side Hubs (provided whole and in two halves)
    • 150mm base with front and back movement tool locators (provided whole and in two halves)


Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale)
FDM Printable? Not likely at 1:48 scale, some additional part slicing may be required
Resin Printable? Yes (fits on small resin printers!)
- Pre-supported for Resin? Yes, the files used for test printing are pre-supported, other variations and parts are provided unsupported
Test Printing Method Resin Printing, FDM (base only)


End-User Agreement:

Design and preparation of these models takes a great deal of time and dedication.  Please respect the passion and hard work that goes in to making these products by adhering to the End-User Agreement found below:

Upon purchase, the End-User agrees to print any digital files purchased from Pocket Dimension Studios LLC for personal use ONLY and NOT for any commercial printing endeavors, as well as to NOT SHARE or SELL the contents of this product after purchase. 

Printing copies of files for immediate friends and family is perfectly reasonable and understandable.  Commercialization/printing/sharing/passing off files as your own work is strictly NOT allowed. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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